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Chapter By-Laws
Springlake –Earth FFA



Springlake – Earth High School




July 2019

Article I – Organization

            Section A:  The name of the organization shall be the Springlake-Earth FFA Chapter of  the National Organization, commonly called Springlake – Earth FFA.  The   chapter shall abide by the rules and regulations in the constitution and by-   laws found in the latest edition of the national official FFA manual.


            Section B:  The Springlake – Earth Chapter of the FFA is a chartered local unit of the   Texas FFA Association;  Area I Association;  Plainview District which is   chartered by the National FFA Organization.


            Section C:  This chapter accepts in full the provisions in the constitution and by-laws of   the texas ffa association of ffa as well as those of the national ffa   organization.


Article II – Name and Purpose

            Section A:     The name of this organization shall be the Springlake – Earth Chapter of  the  FFA.  The letters FFA may be used to designate the chapter, its activities,   or  members thereof.


            Section B:  The purposes for which this chapter has been formed is the development of premier Leadership, Personal Development, and Career Success.  This mission is accomplished by the following:

  • To develop competent, aggressive, agricultural leaders
  • To develop an awareness of the global importance of agriculture and its contribution to our well-being
  • To strengthen the confidences of agriculture students in themselves and their work
  • To promote the intelligent choice and establishment of an agricultural career
  • To stimulate development and encourage achievement in individual agricultural experience programs
  • To develop competencies in communications, human relations, and social abilities
  • To improve the economic, environmental, recreational, and human resources to the community
  • To develop character, train for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism.
  • To build cooperative attitudes among agricultural students
  • To encourage wise management of resources
  • To encourage improvement in scholarship
  • To provide organized recreational activities for agricultural students


Article III – Membership

          Section A:   FFA members must be in good standing in order to participate in any ffa  activity.  An ACTIVE member shall be considered in good standing when:

1.      The member is enrolled in the springlake – Earth Schools and attends local chapter meetings where the local chapter is established.

2.      The member shows an interest in and takes part in the affairs of the chapter

3.      The member pays current national, state, area, district and local dues regularly and acts in a manner consistent with the ideas of the organization

4.      The member is enrolled in an agricultural Science and technology course

5.       The member abides by the FFA Code of Ethics.


            Section B:  Membership and all priveleges thereof will be revoked immediately by officers   and advisers if a student misconducts him/herself while participating in any    FFA activity so as to bring disgrace to this chapter.


            Section C:  Membership in this chapter shall be of four kinds: (1) Active; (2) Alumni; (3)  onorary, as defined by the National Constitution; and Jr FFA as defined by   the Texas FFA Constitution and By-laws.


            Section D:  The regular work of this chapter shall be carried on by the active membership


            Section E:  Honorary membership in this chapter shall be limited to the Honorary Chapter    FFA Degree.


            Section F:  JR FFA MEMBERSHIP  is for those students at least 8 years of     age  and in 3rd grade   through 7th grade only.  Participation in Jr FFA is                 limited to LIVESTOCK EXHIBITION and local chapter ffa activities.   Active          membership includes grades 8 – 12.   Students in grades 8 – 12 are not eligible           as jr ffa members.


Article IV - ACTIVE Membership Degrees and Privileges

            Section A:  There shall BE FOUR degrees of active membership in the chapter.  These   Degrees are (1) the Greenhand FFA Degree; (2) the Chapter FFA Degree; (3)   the  Lone Star [state ffa] Degree; and (4) the AMERICAN FFA Degree.  The     greenhand  and chapter ffa degrees are conferred on the local level while   the lone  star degree is awarded by the state association and the american   ffa degree is awarded by the national organization.  All greenhands are  entitled to    wear the regulation bronze emblem pin.  Chapter ffa wears the silver emblem degree pin; lone star – gold charm; and american – gold key.


            Section B:  GREENHAND: Minimum Qualifications for election

1.      Be regulary enrolled in a class in agricultural education, and have a satisfactory plan for a supervised experience program.

2.      Learn and explain the FFA Creed, Motto, and FFA Mission Statement

3.      Describe and explain the meaning of the FFA emblem and colors

4.      Demonstrate knowledge of the FFA Code of Ethics and explain proper use of the ffa jacket

5.      Demonstrate KNOWLEDGE of the history of the organization, the chapter constitution and by-laws and the chapter program of activities.

6.      Personally own or have access to an official ffa manual.

7.      Submit a written application


            Section C:  CHAPTER FFA: Minimum qualifications for election

1.      Must have received the Greenhand FFA Degree

2.      Must have satisfactorily completed at least 180 hours of systematic instruction in agricultural education at or above the ninth grade level, and have in operation an approved supervised agricultural experience program and be enrolled in an agricultural science program.

3.      Have participated in the planning and conducting of at least 3 OFFICIAL functions in the chapter program of activities.

4.        Have earned and productively invested at leat $150 by the members own efforts or worked at least fourty five hours in excess of scheduled class time, or combination thereof, and have developed plans for continued growth and improvement.

5.       Have effectively lead a group discussion for 15 minutes

6.       Have demonstrated five procedures of Parliamentary law

7.       Show progress toward  individual achievements in the ffa award program

8.       Have a satisfactory scholastic record

9.       Submit a written application for the chapter ffa degree


            Section D:  State FFA Degree – Qualifications for the state ffa degree are those set forth    in the constitution of the state association


            Section E:  American FFA Degree – Qualifications for the American FFA Degree are those  set forth in the constituition of the National FFA Association.


Article V – Officers

            Section A:  The officers of the chapter shall be as follows:  President; Vice President;    Secretary; Treasurer; Reporter; Sentinel; and Student Advisor.  The Advisor    shall be the teacher(s) of Agricultural Science in the school in which the chaper is   located.  Officers shall perform the usual duties of the repsective offices as listed   in thee Official FFA Manual.


            Section B:  Officers shall be elected annually.  Candidates must submit an application and   contract in order for his/her name to be placed on the ballot.  Candidates must be   in the 10th – 12th grade and hold the chapter FFA Degree.  In the event there are not enough qualified candidates to   fill the ballot, incoming 9th graders will be given the opportunity to apply for   office.  The deadline for submission of application and contract is January 31st of    each year.  Members will rank the candidates as to their preference for each  contistutional office.


            Section C:   The officers of the chapter together with the chairmen in charge of the major   sections of the annual program of activities shall constiture the Chapter    Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall have full power to act as     necessary for the chapter in accordance with the actions taken at chapter   meetings and varios regulations or by-laws from time to time.


            Section D:  Honorary members shall not vote nor shall they hold any ofifice in the  chapter except that of advisor.


            Section E:  Chapter Officers must hold the degree of the chapter ffa and have a    satisfactory scholastic record, and, a commendable citizenship and conduct  record.


            Section F:  To hold an office in the springlake-earth ffa chapter, a member must be   enrolled in ag agricultural SCIENCE CLASS both semesters of the year the   office is being held.  The member must maintain a satifactory scholastic        record and be  currenty involved in an acceptable supervised ag experience          program.  failure to do so will result in officer relinquishing that office.


            Section G:  Officers are expected to attend district, area, and state conventions,  leadership camps, and meetings.  only the advisor may excuse an officer from   participating.


            Section H ALL officer candidates are to know and agree to abide by the FFA Code of   Ethics.


            Section I:  Officers may be removed from office for failing to meet the qulifications as  stated in these   by-laws.


Article VI- General Provisions concerning officers and members

          Section A:  Membership may be denied or revoked for failure to abide by the code of ethics.

Article VII – DUES

          Section A:  FFA Dues will collected at the beginning of each school year according to     the constitution of the National FFA Organization, the By-Laws of the Texas FFA, the           Area I Association, the Plainview District, and the Springlake-Earth FFA Chapter.  Jr FFA     Dues are set by the by-laws of the Texas FFA and the Springlake-Earth FFA Chapter.

            Section B:  The Yearly dues schedule is as folows:  Springlake Earth FFA Participates in the affiliation Program and dues are set at $25 and includes the following breakdown

                                    National FFA Dues . . . $5.00

                                    State FFA Dues . . . . . . . $5.00

                                    Area I FFA Dues . . . . . . $1.50

                                    District FFA DUES . . . . $1.50

                                    Chapter FFA Dues . . . . $12.00

            Section C:  Jr FFA Dues are $5  for State and $10 for Chapter.

            Section D: Dues must be collected by October 15 of each year in order to remain in good  standing.  A member is not considered in good standing until all National,  State, Area, District, and Chapter dues are paid in full.

            Section E:  Chapter Dues are established by a majority vote of the active members at the    August Chapter Meeting.

 Article VIII – Awards and Scholarships

            Section A:  Awards will BE PRESENTED to members for outstanding performance in the   various phases of agricultural science and technology and FFA.


            Section B:  Award Areas will be Agsc I; Agsc II; Agsc III, Agsc IV; Ag Mechanics; Lambs,   Barrows, Steers, and Market goats; Aggie of the Year; and Jr Aggie of the     Year.


            Section C:  SCHOLARSHIPS:  Springlake – Earth FFA Boosters will provide scholarships   to graduating seniors who meet the folowing requirements:

1.      the student is a graduating senior at Springlake – Earth High School

2.      Has taken at least three years of agscience courses and was a bonafide member for the entire period

3.      has maintained above satisfactory scholastic record in high school

4.      documented involvment in ffa participation in leadership development; served as an officer; participated in career development, completed saep projects; AND, is a recipient or applying for the state ffa degree.

5.      has been accepted to attenda college or university and plan on majoring in an ag-related career.

6.      maintains a 2.5 gpa to receive the second installment (if available)

7.      submits an application for consideration


            Section D:  The amount of the scholarship will be determined by the amount of money set   aside for that year for scholarships divided by the number of qualified   applicants.  Amount not to exceed $1000.00


            Section E:  Scholarships will be provided in two equal installments and will be forwarded  to college or university at the recipients request.


            Section F:  In order to be considered for awards and scholarships, members must be dues    paying members in good standing with the ffa chapter.


            Section G:  The deadline for submitting applications for awards, degrees, and scholarships   is APRIL 1ST EXCEPT for the national ffa scholarships and that deadline is    prior to the postmark deadline of february 15th.


Article IX – Meetings

            Section A – REGULAR Chapter Meetings will be held each month with the exception of  January, February, or March.  Dates of meetings will be posted in the calendar at   the first published meeting.  The November meeting is mandatory for all members    entering LIVESTOCK SHOWS.  All FFA and Jr FFA members must attend the   Quality  Counts Training at a meeting to be announced.


            Section B:  In order to participate in FFA sponsored activities.  FFA members must be   present at a majority of the meetings held prior to the scheduled event.  Jr FFA   members need only attend those meetings in which they are notified.


            Section C:  Meetings will be conducted according to rules of Parliamentary Procedure    and will include both opening and closing ceremony. A quorum of 50% of the   members is required to conduct business at any regulary scheduled meeting.


Article X – Participation in FFA sponsored events

            Section A:  Members of Springlake-Earth FFA are given the opportunity to participate in   all local, district, area, and state activities including leadership development,   career development, supervised ag experience, and meetings, camps and   conventions.


            Section B:  Members must be enrolled in an agscience and technology class at the time of    the scheduled event.


            Section C:  Members must be dues paying members in good standingJ


            Section D: Members must be academically eligible prior to and at the time of the   scheduled event


            Section E: Members must abide by the ffa code of ethics and the rules governing   extracurricular events established by the administration of the springlake- earth   Schools.


            Section F:  Jr ffa members are limited to local activities and participation in livestock   exhibition on the state level. Jr FFA Membership is limited  to Students in 3rd - 7th Grade.  


Article X I– School Absences for Participation in Activities

                        Section A: Extracurricular Activities

                        Each student is allowed 10 absences during the school year to participate in an   approved extracurricular activity.  The school board and administration have also  allowed for students to qualify for three additional absences for participation in    extracurricular activities ACCORDING TO the following stipulations:

  • students may have an additional four days provided they are eligible according to the uil side by side no pass no play rules  and are passing at the time of the activity.
  • Students who advance to a post-district competition are allowed an additional five   absences.  Under special circumstances a student may petition the principal for    additional post district days.


Article XII School and FFA Equipment

            Section A:  All members will show pride in the organization by properly caring for and  using school and chapter facilities, facilities, equipment, and paraphernalia


            Section B:  FFA Feeding Facilities are availabel for Members and Jr FFA members only.    Only FFA members or Jr FFA members in good standing, enrolled in an agscience class at  springlake-earth high school [when applicable] are eligible to use the facilities and   equipment


            Section C:  Members using the facilities must complete and agree to abide by the guidelines  of the facilities.  Failure to abide by these regualtions will result in immediate removal   from the facilities.


            Section D:  A fee of $15/hd will be established for lambs, wehter goats, or barrows at the  feeding facilities.  No other species/sex of animal may b kept at the pens.


Article XIII Amendments

            Section A:  This constitution may be amended or changed at any regular chapter meeting   by a two-thirds vote of the active membership present providing that (1) previous notice   was given and (2) it is not in conflict with the State Association Constitution or that of   the national ffa organization.


            Section B:  By-laws may be adopted to fill the needs of the chater at any regular chapter   meeting by a two-thirds vote of the active members present providing such by-laws conflict in no way with the constitution and by-laws of either the state association or  the national ffa organization.



It is the policy of the springlake-earth ffa, springlake-earth isd, advisers, and administration not to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, national origin, or religion

The mission of ffa is the development of premier leadership, personal development and career success



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